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April Fool

Someone at work decided it would be amusing today to blu-tack the hand piece of my phone to the phone. So when my phone rang, I picked it up and I am sure you can imagine what happened. I was not amused.

I have left the office

Today I am having a late lunch, which is pretty normal. My working life consists of skipping lunch, eating at my desk or eating some left overs in a kitchen facility which by calling it poor is to give it a sparking, over-the-top review. I miss where I have worked before, places where you could […]

Morning Tea Break

Hello blog, long time no see again. Yes I know it is pathetic to write about how I haven’t put anything on my blog for such a long time. But why should I be any different to all the other wannabe bloggers. I am having break from some help desk database design work. I am […]

Husband seen lawnmowing

Stop the press … yes I have actual photographic proof that my husband was found to mowing a lawn.  This incredible event took place on Wednesday evening.  I may post photos!


I don’t like days like today.  It started when I was called on mobile on my way to work as there was a situation with someone in the boardroom, that is never a good sign.  The real estate that is trying to sell the house we rent called Peter today wanting to have a house […]

The Snake

Today we had a bit of excitement, I wandered out of my office and headed towards another office when I stopped. I looked down and asked the person in accounts “is that a rubber snake or a real snake?”. I got my answer when it moved. When we worked out it was real baby snake […]

Week 2 of the year

Monday the 11th of January started like every other Monday. A hot wind rose from the ocean and blew against my skin prickling the beads of sweat on my brow. I faced the car, again, the heat permeated from the paint work making the thought of climbing into the beast so inhibiting. It was Monday […]

First full week of January 2010

My week in review Well it was the first week back at work after the Christmas break. Break actually also sums up what everything did on our return to work. The air-conditioner continued to not want to work, which is great when the humidity is 98% and 32C. The back door still did not want […]

Grumpy Cow

I have a nightie that sums up my mood at the moment, “grumpy cow”. The last few days I seem to be in a perpetual moody mood, not helped by the trials and tribulations of work and the ongoing dry weather. Today I was late to training due to a work delay (who calls at […]