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Kitty cat pages

The kitty cats got some more advertising last weekend as I set them up with a page each on a site called united cats. Anyway I checked the site today and found that they had a bit of traffic with Biggles clearly the favourite cat. Some of the concepts on the site are a little […]

Week 4 – what a week

Well it was a bit of a busy week. I finally got back to the wheeling and dealing of buying our first ever home. I would not recommend buying a place to live to anyone, it has been quite a bit stressful for me. I guess our case was a lot different from the average […]


It seems I am not the only person that may suffer from a little bit of search engine issues. Some SEO advice has been passed onto the former owner of Microsoft on how he too could be found more easily.


One of our neighbours has acquired a new car, with a stonking huge stereo in the boot.  So what does one do with such a stereo for getting down and getting hip.  Well you play such amazing classics as:- She’s got the Look – Roxette Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson Hot Chilli Woman […]

Hidden from the World

Just discovered that despite me saying I want to be tracked, prodded and poked by search engines that my blog remains a secret. Looks like if you want to find me I must personally pass on my blog address. I shall now start working on my machine to destroy the world through a complicated cross-stitch! […]

Cyclone birds

The red-tailed black cockatoos are back and are currently squarking and flying around outside.  Tropical cyclone Neville turned into a low and then overnight has been transformed into Tropical cyclone Olga.  Now Olga sounds a bit more moody than a cyclone called Neville so it will be interesting to see what will happen. Just in […]

I want a tee-shirt

Stinker sees the world in a very simple way.  “You are wearing a tee-shirt therefore you are my friend”.  If you are not wearing a tee-shirt then you must be harassed as much as possible until you go and put one on and can provide appropriate cuddles. Stinker loves tee-shirts, she will leap from the […]

Week 2 of the year

Monday the 11th of January started like every other Monday. A hot wind rose from the ocean and blew against my skin prickling the beads of sweat on my brow. I faced the car, again, the heat permeated from the paint work making the thought of climbing into the beast so inhibiting. It was Monday […]

Full Moon

A full moon always means I go a little weird, I seem to suffer from tidal influences due to too much water in me.  Stumbled across an iphone app from Sarpaneva to help warn me of my impending mood swings.

First full week of January 2010

My week in review Well it was the first week back at work after the Christmas break. Break actually also sums up what everything did on our return to work. The air-conditioner continued to not want to work, which is great when the humidity is 98% and 32C. The back door still did not want […]