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Easter holiday and flowers

Hello blog world. Since I managed to post this information on several other social networks I thought I might as well update my blog.  Yeah I know I will post something, talk about how I will continue to update and then do nothing for another 6 months. Today my husband was sent out shopping and […]

Dead Keyboard

Today my lovely Microsoft Arc keyboard was declared dead.  Death by swollen and leaking batteries.  There was not enough bi-carb of soda in the world that could bring it back to life as battery acid had leaked everywhere.  I now have something else to add to my dead technology shopping list. The dead technology list […]


Some photos from my trip to and from work today.    

April Fool

Someone at work decided it would be amusing today to blu-tack the hand piece of my phone to the phone. So when my phone rang, I picked it up and I am sure you can imagine what happened. I was not amused.

My Spider Visitor

He wouldn’t stay still for a photo but when I was trying to leave he appeared again and I found him sitting on my shoulder. I managed to get him to sit still for a photo before I moved him from the steel park bench to a more camouflage position of a tree. This was […]

Morning Tea Break

Hello blog, long time no see again. Yes I know it is pathetic to write about how I haven’t put anything on my blog for such a long time. But why should I be any different to all the other wannabe bloggers. I am having break from some help desk database design work. I am […]

Is it a chicken? Is it a cake?

Not it’s roast chicken cake!!! Actually it is a moist vanilla sponge cake made to look like a roast chicken.  Why you may ask, well the answer is very simple.  This week we had to say goodbye to our IT trainee 🙁 as his traineeship was up and after two years of getting a person […]

January 2013 a New Year

5 Great gale of wind and rain from the south west. – Edith Holden (Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady)

I live

OK I am going to do something about my much ignored blog.  Actually I should say we are going to do something about our much ignored blogs.  I have information and I am going to attempt to fill in a lot of missing days in my life for the year before the year is over.  […]

A bloody cyclone!

What I don’t like to come home to after a day of digging around in the garden is news that a cyclone could arrive here by Wednesday. I am now a home owner and I don’t want my home to ever meet a cyclone. My husband just sent me an image he found and now […]