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Husband seen lawnmowing

Stop the press … yes I have actual photographic proof that my husband was found to mowing a lawn.  This incredible event took place on Wednesday evening.  I may post photos!

Home Owner

At 3:40pm on Monday the 15th of February, 2010  I received a phone call to advise that the settlement for our house had happened.  YAY.  The real estate called around 4:15pm to say we could pick up the keys before they shut at 5, but as the time to travel between our current home and […]

Week 5

What happened during week 5?  Well I really don’t know because that was two weeks ago and I am old and my memory is quite poor.  OK, let’s see I am sure I went to the bank again, I seem to do that a lot at the moment.   There was the whole rental house is […]

The Snake

Today we had a bit of excitement, I wandered out of my office and headed towards another office when I stopped. I looked down and asked the person in accounts “is that a rubber snake or a real snake?”. I got my answer when it moved. When we worked out it was real baby snake […]


Having finalised the house deal last Thursday we were told today by the real estate agent for the place we currently rent that it is going to be sold.  So I am happy.  I have another place to go to, which is mine (and hubbies), and I will no longer have my life ruled by […]

Week 4 – what a week

Well it was a bit of a busy week. I finally got back to the wheeling and dealing of buying our first ever home. I would not recommend buying a place to live to anyone, it has been quite a bit stressful for me. I guess our case was a lot different from the average […]

Cyclone birds

The red-tailed black cockatoos are back and are currently squarking and flying around outside.  Tropical cyclone Neville turned into a low and then overnight has been transformed into Tropical cyclone Olga.  Now Olga sounds a bit more moody than a cyclone called Neville so it will be interesting to see what will happen. Just in […]

Week 2 of the year

Monday the 11th of January started like every other Monday. A hot wind rose from the ocean and blew against my skin prickling the beads of sweat on my brow. I faced the car, again, the heat permeated from the paint work making the thought of climbing into the beast so inhibiting. It was Monday […]

First full week of January 2010

My week in review Well it was the first week back at work after the Christmas break. Break actually also sums up what everything did on our return to work. The air-conditioner continued to not want to work, which is great when the humidity is 98% and 32C. The back door still did not want […]


April 1992 – 2nd January, 2010