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The Celebration

At 3:40pm on Monday the 15th of February, 2010  I received a phone call to advise that the settlement for our house had happened.  YAY.  The real estate called around 4:15pm to say we could pick up the keys before they shut at 5, but as the time to travel between our current home and their office is an hour the keys had to wait till Tuesday.

mmm cake

mmm cake

Today husband picked up the keys and then spent part of the day measuring things.  He picked me up after work, we grabbed a bottle of bubbly wine (Tasmanian), a pecan custard danish and headed to our new home to celebrate.

I had missed lunch totally today due to my visitor at work and our setting up of a new corporate software product.  The bubbles in the plastic cup went straight to my head and on the way how I needed chips, so we stopped at the Mobile and got two cups of hot chips for dinner.

We sure know how to party.

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