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Easter holiday and flowers

Hello blog world. Since I managed to post this information on several other social networks I thought I might as well update my blog.  Yeah I know I will post something, talk about how I will continue to update and then do nothing for another 6 months. Today my husband was sent out shopping and […]

Something I cannot see

Please ignore this as I am only a test post.

Time, motion and the Internet

This was supposed to be cheery post about cats and blankets, but once more the ease of technology out an end to that.  You see my phone had the pictures, but I wanted to write the post on a tablet device.  To transfer the image from one device to the other I have to use […]

Monsoon Trough

The wet season is trying to start so today we had to do a bit of a cleanup as there was a low hovering in the gulf threatening to dump a bit of rain in our area of the tropics.  As I type the low has moved considerably in land, but we all know one low is […]

Cat Language

Asking the cats if they wanted their dinner led to a discussion about how many words they know. Not that I asked them how many words they know, the discussion was with my husband. So what words do they know other than their names? Fishy-fish-fish – Even if said very quietly will result in an […]

August 2011

Six months since our cyclone and I have decided to try and get my life back together. I have decided to try and revitalise my blog with hopefully interesting comments and observations. This is a tall order so stay tuned for this flurry of activity to either be short term or actually work. Ninja (cat) […]

While waiting

Today I went to the beach, the walk took 1 minute and I had not visited the beach since last year. I went to the beach so as I did not have to be at home while some potential buyers were shown the place we live in. The lovely real estate agent decided that 10am […]

Poor Hubbie

Yesterday hubbie was given the job of tidying the place up we live in so that another real estate agent could take photos of the place.  What did not help was we are currently packing up the place preparing for our own move, yesterday it was 36 degrees hot and evilly humid and someone had […]

Hidden from the World

Just discovered that despite me saying I want to be tracked, prodded and poked by search engines that my blog remains a secret. Looks like if you want to find me I must personally pass on my blog address. I shall now start working on my machine to destroy the world through a complicated cross-stitch! […]