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While waiting

Today I went to the beach, the walk took 1 minute and I had not visited the beach since last year. I went to the beach so as I did not have to be at home while some potential buyers were shown the place we live in. The lovely real estate agent decided that 10am […]

Poor Hubbie

Yesterday hubbie was given the job of tidying the place up we live in so that another real estate agent could take photos of the place.  What did not help was we are currently packing up the place preparing for our own move, yesterday it was 36 degrees hot and evilly humid and someone had […]


Having finalised the house deal last Thursday we were told today by the real estate agent for the place we currently rent that it is going to be sold.  So I am happy.  I have another place to go to, which is mine (and hubbies), and I will no longer have my life ruled by […]


One of our neighbours has acquired a new car, with a stonking huge stereo in the boot.  So what does one do with such a stereo for getting down and getting hip.  Well you play such amazing classics as:- She’s got the Look – Roxette Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson Hot Chilli Woman […]

Grumpy Cow

I have a nightie that sums up my mood at the moment, “grumpy cow”. The last few days I seem to be in a perpetual moody mood, not helped by the trials and tribulations of work and the ongoing dry weather. Today I was late to training due to a work delay (who calls at […]