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Dinner is served

Shepherd’s nest designed and created by Peter

Is it a chicken? Is it a cake?

Not it’s roast chicken cake!!! Actually it is a moist vanilla sponge cake made to look like a roast chicken.  Why you may ask, well the answer is very simple.  This week we had to say goodbye to our IT trainee 🙁 as his traineeship was up and after two years of getting a person […]

Banana trees to be executed by lethal injection

Yesterday Peter found a business card and brochure at the new house from a banana inspector. He rang the gentleman today and spoke to him and it seems the banana trees we inherited with the house are to be killed :(. Their execution date will be scheduled some time next week. When we bought the […]

How much can a ladder cost?

I got the day off work today and we went shopping.  It was a pretty miserable sort of day if you are someone who does not like rain, but as I like rain I though the day was great. Highlights of the day The potato scallops from the service station at Silkwood, they were very […]

Home Owner

At 3:40pm on Monday the 15th of February, 2010  I received a phone call to advise that the settlement for our house had happened.  YAY.  The real estate called around 4:15pm to say we could pick up the keys before they shut at 5, but as the time to travel between our current home and […]

Week 2 of the year

Monday the 11th of January started like every other Monday. A hot wind rose from the ocean and blew against my skin prickling the beads of sweat on my brow. I faced the car, again, the heat permeated from the paint work making the thought of climbing into the beast so inhibiting. It was Monday […]

Hot Christmas

Christmas is always so hot and not in the nice way. I am happy that we managed to have Christmas dinner at a reasonable dinner time, we ate at 6.30pm. Christmas Dinner Vegetarian roast with a mint glaze and roasted garlic infused sweet potatoes and pumpkin Potatoes, french shallots, garlic cloves roasted with a lemon […]