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Banana trees to be executed by lethal injection

Yesterday Peter found a business card and brochure at the new house from a banana inspector. He rang the gentleman today and spoke to him and it seems the banana trees we inherited with the house are to be killed :(.

Their execution date will be scheduled some time next week.

When we bought the place I commented that I did not think the trees were allowed.  The banana industry is a very big industry here and it is important for them to carefully monitor the various diseases that bananas can get.  The trees in our yard have a banana leaf disease called yellow sigatoka.  The most feared disease for banana trees here is black sigatoka, which is one of the reasons why the region is against the importing of bananas from overseas.

Other exciting diseases that a banana tree can get are:

  • Panama disease
  • Bunchy top disease
  • Banana skipper butterfly
  • Blood disease and Moko
  • Eumusae leaf spot
  • Freckle, Cavendish strain
  • Bract mosaic disease

… and of course Bananarama where the trees are found to sing the singles Cruel Summer, King of the Jungle, The Wild Life and Rough Justice.

Note a tree suffering from Bananarama have not managed to learn any of the hit songs such as Venus and Rober De Niro’s Waiting.

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  1. Judy says:

    MMM,another Honda in the garage.

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