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Dead Keyboard

Today my lovely Microsoft Arc keyboard was declared dead.  Death by swollen and leaking batteries.  There was not enough bi-carb of soda in the world that could bring it back to life as battery acid had leaked everywhere.  I now have something else to add to my dead technology shopping list. The dead technology list […]

Time, motion and the Internet

This was supposed to be cheery post about cats and blankets, but once more the ease of technology out an end to that.  You see my phone had the pictures, but I wanted to write the post on a tablet device.  To transfer the image from one device to the other I have to use […]

What every girl wants

If I was apple I would get better researchers, this is from a TV show that was broadcast in America in 2005.


It seems I am not the only person that may suffer from a little bit of search engine issues. Some SEO advice has been passed onto the former owner of Microsoft on how he too could be found more easily.

Full Moon

A full moon always means I go a little weird, I seem to suffer from tidal influences due to too much water in me.  Stumbled across an iphone app from Sarpaneva to help warn me of my impending mood swings.