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Cat Language

Asking the cats if they wanted their dinner led to a discussion about how many words they know. Not that I asked them how many words they know, the discussion was with my husband. So what words do they know other than their names? Fishy-fish-fish – Even if said very quietly will result in an […]


Today all of the furniture, cats and us moved.  It was a pretty traumatic day for the cats.  Imagine one minute you are gathered up and placed in a small cramped bathroom, while in there you hear strange voices and lots of loud noises.  It seems liek hours, it actually is hours as your owners […]

Cat Sizes

This is currently my favourite image of the kitties to show how big the kittens now are.  Mum is the tail on the right and baby boy Biggles is on the left.  The top of Mum’s head now only comes up to shoulder height on Biggles when they stand next to each other. From left […]

Kitty cat pages

The kitty cats got some more advertising last weekend as I set them up with a page each on a site called united cats. Anyway I checked the site today and found that they had a bit of traffic with Biggles clearly the favourite cat. Some of the concepts on the site are a little […]

Cyclone birds

The red-tailed black cockatoos are back and are currently squarking and flying around outside.  Tropical cyclone Neville turned into a low and then overnight has been transformed into Tropical cyclone Olga.  Now Olga sounds a bit more moody than a cyclone called Neville so it will be interesting to see what will happen. Just in […]

I want a tee-shirt

Stinker sees the world in a very simple way.  “You are wearing a tee-shirt therefore you are my friend”.  If you are not wearing a tee-shirt then you must be harassed as much as possible until you go and put one on and can provide appropriate cuddles. Stinker loves tee-shirts, she will leap from the […]


April 1992 – 2nd January, 2010