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While waiting

Today I went to the beach, the walk took 1 minute and I had not visited the beach since last year. I went to the beach so as I did not have to be at home while some potential buyers were shown the place we live in. The lovely real estate agent decided that 10am […]

Week 5

What happened during week 5?  Well I really don’t know because that was two weeks ago and I am old and my memory is quite poor.  OK, let’s see I am sure I went to the bank again, I seem to do that a lot at the moment.   There was the whole rental house is […]

What every girl wants

If I was apple I would get better researchers, this is from a TV show that was broadcast in America in 2005.


It seems I am not the only person that may suffer from a little bit of search engine issues. Some SEO advice has been passed onto the former owner of Microsoft on how he too could be found more easily.

Week 2 of the year

Monday the 11th of January started like every other Monday. A hot wind rose from the ocean and blew against my skin prickling the beads of sweat on my brow. I faced the car, again, the heat permeated from the paint work making the thought of climbing into the beast so inhibiting. It was Monday […]

Life begins

This is the first and very brief post for my blog.