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How much can a ladder cost?

I got the day off work today and we went shopping.  It was a pretty miserable sort of day if you are someone who does not like rain, but as I like rain I though the day was great. Highlights of the day The potato scallops from the service station at Silkwood, they were very […]

Aching Feet

The past two days Peter and I have visited the house.  On Saturday I went mad pulling the giant weeks out of the garden and discovering even more plants.  The garden is huge and even though I pulled enough weeds to fill a couple of wheelbarrows it is hard to see where they came from. […]


I don’t like days like today.  It started when I was called on mobile on my way to work as there was a situation with someone in the boardroom, that is never a good sign.  The real estate that is trying to sell the house we rent called Peter today wanting to have a house […]

Cat Sizes

This is currently my favourite image of the kitties to show how big the kittens now are.  Mum is the tail on the right and baby boy Biggles is on the left.  The top of Mum’s head now only comes up to shoulder height on Biggles when they stand next to each other. From left […]

Home Owner

At 3:40pm on Monday the 15th of February, 2010  I received a phone call to advise that the settlement for our house had happened.  YAY.  The real estate called around 4:15pm to say we could pick up the keys before they shut at 5, but as the time to travel between our current home and […]

While waiting

Today I went to the beach, the walk took 1 minute and I had not visited the beach since last year. I went to the beach so as I did not have to be at home while some potential buyers were shown the place we live in. The lovely real estate agent decided that 10am […]

House Inspection

Today we got to go and visit the house for a final inspection. It was all really, really exciting and a bit daunting. There is so much stuff to do. Why is there dirt falling from a airing vent above the bedroom. Look at the gaps in the floor. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and […]

Week 5

What happened during week 5?  Well I really don’t know because that was two weeks ago and I am old and my memory is quite poor.  OK, let’s see I am sure I went to the bank again, I seem to do that a lot at the moment.   There was the whole rental house is […]

The Snake

Today we had a bit of excitement, I wandered out of my office and headed towards another office when I stopped. I looked down and asked the person in accounts “is that a rubber snake or a real snake?”. I got my answer when it moved. When we worked out it was real baby snake […]

Poor Hubbie

Yesterday hubbie was given the job of tidying the place up we live in so that another real estate agent could take photos of the place.  What did not help was we are currently packing up the place preparing for our own move, yesterday it was 36 degrees hot and evilly humid and someone had […]