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House Inspection

I am starting to like the orange

Today we got to go and visit the house for a final inspection. It was all really, really exciting and a bit daunting. There is so much stuff to do.

  • Why is there dirt falling from a airing vent above the bedroom.
  • Look at the gaps in the floor.
  • Clean out the kitchen cupboards and then look at maybe replacing the doors, the handles and finishing off the insides.
  • Buy and install a new toilet.
  • Lining of the large cupboard in the bathroom?
  • Look at replacing the vanity unit in the bathroom.
  • News windows? for the kitchen, at least fly screens for the 3 large sliding doors, and what do we do about the windows in the bedroom and bathrooms.
  • Paint the interior something other than light peach pink!

I am very excited about some of the plants that are in the garden, especially the lipstick palm. I also discovered a whole area of the garden that I think I can turn into a little shaded alcove with stone paths. We also have a tonne of basil, there seems to be two types of basil and enough growing to feed an entire town pesto sauce.

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