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How much can a ladder cost?

I got the day off work today and we went shopping.  It was a pretty miserable sort of day if you are someone who does not like rain, but as I like rain I though the day was great.

Highlights of the day
  • The potato scallops from the service station at Silkwood, they were very yummy and gave me a much needed potato boost.
  • Buying the ladder or steps as my husband likes to call them.  Our lovely new ladder, which will be going on the contents insurance, cost $819.01. I know that is expensive but if you want a good piece of equipment that will last a very, very long time, reach 4.61m heigh ceilings and not kill your husband you need to pay quite a bit more than normal.
  • Visiting the Asian furniture stores and getting loads of ideas for the house – Chinese red and black lacquer furniture, giant carved Indonesian day beds and Indian stone carvings
  • Buying a large pack of paneer cubes  from the Asian supermarket.  We love this supermarket.
  • Discovering that kitchen door handles seem cheap if you want to buy one or to at $8 but if you need to buy 26 of them at that price it is scary.
  • Learning to love hardware stores.
  • Buying much needed hair products.  Lisa is currently styled by the PPS and Tigi range of products.
  • Having more potatoes on the way home in the form of chips from Babinda.

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