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Archive of posts filed under the Rant category.

Price Rises

The past week I have noticed some substantial price rises which have me a little annoyed. I am going to use this post to keep track of them. The argument from my employer as to why we are not worthy of pay increases is that they see no changes in the cost of living. My […]

Time, motion and the Internet

This was supposed to be cheery post about cats and blankets, but once more the ease of technology out an end to that.  You see my phone had the pictures, but I wanted to write the post on a tablet device.  To transfer the image from one device to the other I have to use […]


I don’t like days like today.  It started when I was called on mobile on my way to work as there was a situation with someone in the boardroom, that is never a good sign.  The real estate that is trying to sell the house we rent called Peter today wanting to have a house […]

Kitty cat pages

The kitty cats got some more advertising last weekend as I set them up with a page each on a site called united cats. Anyway I checked the site today and found that they had a bit of traffic with Biggles clearly the favourite cat. Some of the concepts on the site are a little […]


One of our neighbours has acquired a new car, with a stonking huge stereo in the boot.  So what does one do with such a stereo for getting down and getting hip.  Well you play such amazing classics as:- She’s got the Look – Roxette Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson Hot Chilli Woman […]