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Price Rises

The past week I have noticed some substantial price rises which have me a little annoyed. I am going to use this post to keep track of them.

The argument from my employer as to why we are not worthy of pay increases is that they see no changes in the cost of living. My examples of the cost of living are below

Example One – June 15, 2014

We have cats and we buy whiskas in pouches. The pouches up until last week were 100g in size and 12 pouches to a box at $8 per box. This week all the supermarket are now stock the new improved whiskas at 85g per pouch, 12 per box, at the bargain price of $9.50. I am sorry but this is a substantial price rise even more so as we feed 400g of whiskas to our cats every day.

Example Two – June 15, 2014

A magazine I buy called Knitting & Crotchet last edition was $16.50, this edition it is $19.50.

More to come

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