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White good shopping

Well it had to happen we went shopping and replaced the items that had died.  I now have an upside down fridge, which is bigger and so much better.  Peter has a new washing machine which is also a lot bigger at 8kgs, maybe one day I will learn how to use it :). Nice […]


Today all of the furniture, cats and us moved.  It was a pretty traumatic day for the cats.  Imagine one minute you are gathered up and placed in a small cramped bathroom, while in there you hear strange voices and lots of loud noises.  It seems liek hours, it actually is hours as your owners […]

Washing Machine

You guessed it, it is not working.  Peter went to use it today and rang me at wokr to tell me it also had died.

Warm Fridge

Now it seems the fridge has decided to stop working.  We have tried a number of things but the fridge is dead and the freezer is working as a fridge!

Dead Ceiling Fan

Why does a fan that has never really been used decide to die?


Sometimes we just have too much wildlife at the new house.  Yes it is lovely to watch the multitudes of butterflies that are attracted to our house and of course all the lovely, if quite brazen birds, but there are things that are not nice such as … Bats in the ceiling and occasionally the […]

Two weeks to go

Yes only two weeks and we will be watching TV in our new home. Today I had an RDO and we went and did more work on and around the house.  I sat in the rain moving river rocks today, we also planted two of our pot plants into the garden.  We actually have a […]

A bloody cyclone!

What I don’t like to come home to after a day of digging around in the garden is news that a cyclone could arrive here by Wednesday. I am now a home owner and I don’t want my home to ever meet a cyclone. My husband just sent me an image he found and now […]

Banana trees to be executed by lethal injection

Yesterday Peter found a business card and brochure at the new house from a banana inspector. He rang the gentleman today and spoke to him and it seems the banana trees we inherited with the house are to be killed :(. Their execution date will be scheduled some time next week. When we bought the […]

How much can a ladder cost?

I got the day off work today and we went shopping.  It was a pretty miserable sort of day if you are someone who does not like rain, but as I like rain I though the day was great. Highlights of the day The potato scallops from the service station at Silkwood, they were very […]