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Today all of the furniture, cats and us moved.  It was a pretty traumatic day for the cats.  Imagine one minute you are gathered up and placed in a small cramped bathroom, while in there you hear strange voices and lots of loud noises.  It seems liek hours, it actually is hours as your owners travel with the nice furniture removal men and place all the furniture in your new home.

Finally you are released from the bathroom and where the “…” is all the furniture?  The cats were not happy as they slunk around the walls and tried to hide under and behind anything they could find.

The next part of the trip was gaining the trust of the cats again and then bundling them up into their carry baskets and a couple of temporary cardboard carriers from the vets.  Those cardboard ones are great, the hole that Stinker chewed in hers on the car trip was actually large enough for her to get out, it was only fear that kept her inside the box.

So the moving day finished with exhausted owners and four forelorn cats refusing to exit from the safety of there cat boxes.

Moving home is not fun.

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