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Two weeks to go

Yes only two weeks and we will be watching TV in our new home.

Today I had an RDO and we went and did more work on and around the house.  I sat in the rain moving river rocks today, we also planted two of our pot plants into the garden.  We actually have a number of plants that have lived with us for 10 years that may find themselves in the ground.  The weather is so lovely if a little windy at the moment because of the cyclone that is moving towards the coast, further south.  No fans needed in the new house and the floor is always cool to almost cold to walk on, it is lovely.

Some highlights for the week so far include the car getting a service on Tuesday in Cairns and the husband taking possession of a mobile phone, which is needed while he is organising house things.

Oh yes and before I forget – “hi mum” *waves* how are things? *looks over towards the phone*


  1. Judy says:

    Thanks for info when you are moving in. I will ring tonight anyway.

  2. Peter says:

    Two weeks? Muahaaaahaaaaaahaaaa.

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