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Time, motion and the Internet

This was supposed to be cheery post about cats and blankets, but once more the ease of technology out an end to that.  You see my phone had the pictures, but I wanted to write the post on a tablet device.  To transfer the image from one device to the other I have to use a cloud streaming service that only works when both devices are connected to a wifi service.  Seems nice and simple but the service streams all the photos one after another until the photo you want appears.

So why not use email, Bluetooth, a USB cable or any other countless technology.  We’ll this is where something that seems so easy as a post about cats can just become to much of a chore.

you see everyday at work I spend around 8 to 9 hours solving the dilemmas of IT in my job but when I am home I just want to not think and for it to all work. I don’t want to plug, configure, sync, edit or setup.

Why won’t it just work instantly. Oh yeah and don’t get me started on the cursor and a touch screen.

I guess in some way I am just a user like everyone else.

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