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The Snake

Today we had a bit of excitement, I wandered out of my office and headed towards another office when I stopped. I looked down and asked the person in accounts “is that a rubber snake or a real snake?”. I got my answer when it moved.

When we worked out it was real baby snake one of the other ladies put an empty rubbish bin on it to trap it. We then decided to flip the bin over as the snake was getting stressed. If you think the snake was stressed you should have seen some of the other staff. The snake then escaped when myselff and another person was turning over the bin and slithered behind a cupboard. Anyway to cut a long story short the snake was captured and identified as a baby green tree snake and then released outside into a tree.

The only real problem I had with the snake was because it was a baby you could not tell if it was a bad snake due to it being a fairly generic dark grey colour. Also the question remains if there was one baby snake where are the rest of its brothers and sisters?


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