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Cat Language

Asking the cats if they wanted their dinner led to a discussion about how many words they know. Not that I asked them how many words they know, the discussion was with my husband. So what words do they know other than their names?

Fishy-fish-fish – Even if said very quietly will result in an inundation of cats wanting food.
Biccy (bic-bic) – Second favorite cat word.
Hairband – Sends Biggles into hunt mode.
Fetch – If you ever want to see the hairband again
Ping Pong – Results in CousCous finding you a an orange ping pong ball.
Straw – Biggles loves this word as he will get a straw sculpture to play with.
Mousie Mouse – It’s white small and furry.
Tenty-tent – Every cat in this house loves their pillow tent.
Beddy Bye Bye – Cat word for bedtime.
Toiley – Stinkers word used to toilet trained her
Scratchy Pole – Self explanatory.
Down – Vital cat word.
Back – How we manage to get into a house with 4 cats.
Huggy – Stinker loves this word.
Belly/Tummy – Results in Biggles rolling over.

Other words will be added as I think of them or the cats learn a new word.

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