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First full week of January 2010

My week in review

Well it was the first week back at work after the Christmas break. Break actually also sums up what everything did on our return to work.

The air-conditioner continued to not want to work, which is great when the humidity is 98% and 32C. The back door still did not want to let people in, so it spent the week wedged opened, providing exceptional security for the people in the office. Then of course there were the various pieces of equipment that mentally remained on holiday, meaning they no longer wanted to work.

I also started back with our little personal training group, were my level of fitness seemed to be almost like if I had not spent the past 5 months running around like a lunatic, lifting heavy things, stretching and making bits of myself ache that I did not know existed. If is amazing how unfit one can become if they retire to the couch for two weeks eating various Christmas foods.

On a brighter note it has rained for almost an entire day. It is lovely, I love, love, love rain. The kitty cats went a little bit mad when the wind picked up.

The house buying process remains in limbo until all the important parties like our solicitor and an engineering firm return to work.

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