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Week 4 – what a week

Well it was a bit of a busy week. I finally got back to the wheeling and dealing of buying our first ever home. I would not recommend buying a place to live to anyone, it has been quite a bit stressful for me. I guess our case was a lot different from the average home sale, which really did not help.

I have talked to engineers, builders, solicitors, real estate agents, the council and bank managers during the past week. On Wednesday I put in a revised offer and on Thursday after a little bit of banter it was accepted and the sale went unconditional.

I was in the situation where I hated the idea that the deal might fall through and I would be more than two thousand dollars out of pocket with nothing to show for it. That amount of money could have been the computer that I had been promising I was going to buy myself for over a year. I also felt if it didn’t happen that the chances of me wanting to start this whole process again with another property was very, very slim. Considering how old I am now that meant I might never get around to buying a home.

We visited the place yesterday and wow I forgot how big it is, it just seemed bigger than on the two previous visits. We also met our soon to be neighbours which was so nice and got a lot more local knowledge from them.

Tomorrow it is a trip to the bank to finalise the loan and then we are going to be very, very busy people for the next couple of months, packing, getting the new place ready, cleaning up this place and moving.

I still can’t believe we will have our own home.


  1. Peter says:

    Do you realise that we have bought a house that matches the colour scheme of your blog?

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