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January 2013 a New Year

My desk is fairly tidy and I am to resume work again tomorrow after too short a holiday, so an entry about the new year seemed like something to do.

This afternoon has been spent lusting over laptops in the vain hope that I will actually manage to buy one this year. The buying of a computer for myself is an ongoing fancy that arises every few months. You would think that I would actually make it happen as I am “in IT”.

I have also passed some of my time today filling in blanks in the family tree. My husband speculated last night that at the rate I am going I will soon have listed everyone that was alive on the planet in my family tree. If I do manage this achievement it will be worthy of a post on this website.

Talking of this website I do know that it is a much neglected site but I look upon it sometimes a bit too much like work and a bit of a drama to access. Yes that is a poor excuse but maybe I will improve during the year.

This year like all years is going to be a big year and one that should not be neglected. I am going to try and attempt to make the most of the year, the months and the days. All years should be treated a big years, this is very important advice I am imparting and something I have tended to ignore in the past.

Something a bit less deep but just as important was purchasing a book during my holiday break.  I found a second hand copy of  The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden when visiting a book shop with my Dad.  I have in the past enjoyed doing a few cross-stitch patterns based of the lovely drawings from this book and it was something I thought I would never find to purchase.

I found the January 5th entry from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady to be very similar to the weather conditions we have been experiencing since returning from out holiday.

5  Great gale of wind and rain from the south west.

She was surely writing about here and not England.

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