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I have left the office

Today I am having a late lunch, which is pretty normal. My working life consists of skipping lunch, eating at my desk or eating some left overs in a kitchen facility which by calling it poor is to give it a sparking, over-the-top review.

I miss where I have worked before, places where you could walk and find something to eat, browse shops or do something to take me out of the office.

Where I currently work it does not entice me to leave and take a proper break at lunch. Nearby food venues are now closed, 100% humidity and rain are not ideal walking conditions and the building location requires me to climb a steepish hill or climb too many stairs (44).

But today I had to get out of the office. My work was making me miserable. I had to leave.

So here I am in a park. I had to drive around a bit to find one, but it is nice, there is a water view and a green spider that won’t sit still and let me take it’s picture.

Great now the spider has decided to make my phone it’s new home.

Green Jumping Spider

Green Jumping Spider

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