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Easter holiday and flowers

Hello blog world. Since I managed to post this information on several other social networks I thought I might as well update my blog.  Yeah I know I will post something, talk about how I will continue to update and then do nothing for another 6 months.

Today my husband was sent out shopping and other than the groceries, which included much needed cat biscuits, he brought me home some lovely flowers.  Evidence included below.



Something I cannot see

Please ignore this as I am only a test post.

Price Rises

The past week I have noticed some substantial price rises which have me a little annoyed. I am going to use this post to keep track of them.

The argument from my employer as to why we are not worthy of pay increases is that they see no changes in the cost of living. My examples of the cost of living are below

Example One – June 15, 2014

We have cats and we buy whiskas in pouches. The pouches up until last week were 100g in size and 12 pouches to a box at $8 per box. This week all the supermarket are now stock the new improved whiskas at 85g per pouch, 12 per box, at the bargain price of $9.50. I am sorry but this is a substantial price rise even more so as we feed 400g of whiskas to our cats every day.

Example Two – June 15, 2014

A magazine I buy called Knitting & Crotchet last edition was $16.50, this edition it is $19.50.

More to come

Dead Keyboard

Today my lovely Microsoft Arc keyboard was declared dead.  Death by swollen and leaking batteries.  There was not enough bi-carb of soda in the world that could bring it back to life as battery acid had leaked everywhere.  I now have something else to add to my dead technology shopping list.

The dead technology list includes my much loved Canon Pixma printer which now just displays the death error message of “B200”.

Honestly modern technology really does suck.

Time, motion and the Internet

This was supposed to be cheery post about cats and blankets, but once more the ease of technology out an end to that.  You see my phone had the pictures, but I wanted to write the post on a tablet device.  To transfer the image from one device to the other I have to use a cloud streaming service that only works when both devices are connected to a wifi service.  Seems nice and simple but the service streams all the photos one after another until the photo you want appears.

So why not use email, Bluetooth, a USB cable or any other countless technology.  We’ll this is where something that seems so easy as a post about cats can just become to much of a chore.

you see everyday at work I spend around 8 to 9 hours solving the dilemmas of IT in my job but when I am home I just want to not think and for it to all work. I don’t want to plug, configure, sync, edit or setup.

Why won’t it just work instantly. Oh yeah and don’t get me started on the cursor and a touch screen.

I guess in some way I am just a user like everyone else.

Cats in Blankets

The temperature drops by 5 degrees and suddenly our cats are no more and replaced by piles of blankets.

Dinner is served

Shepherd’s nest designed and created by Peter

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie


Some photos from my trip to and from work today.







April Fool

Someone at work decided it would be amusing today to blu-tack the hand piece of my phone to the phone. So when my phone rang, I picked it up and I am sure you can imagine what happened.
I was not amused.

My Spider Visitor

He wouldn’t stay still for a photo but when I was trying to leave he appeared again and I found him sitting on my shoulder.

I managed to get him to sit still for a photo before I moved him from the steel park bench to a more camouflage position of a tree.

Green Jumping Spider

Green Jumping Spider

This was a spider that was very curious as to everything I was doing and spent a lot of time hopping around with his trail of web behind wrapping around everything.

If I believe in re-incarnation I would swear the spider was trying to tell me something.